Thesis about VR & Motion Capture

This is my thesis, which investigates the use of VR and motion tracking to capture digital human activity for ergonomic analysis.


Feelink is an innovative digital out of home billboard. It connects people by brand messages and promoting personalised content according to the preference gathered from user interaction.

VR Autonomous Vehicle Scenario

The autonomous driving scenario is created to investigate the user’s trust level towards a series of potential solutions offered from the state of art. It integrated with different addons to enable four possible categories of Human-Machine Interaction modes to achieve an ideal trust level from the user: voice synthesis, sound effects, text on screens, Graphic User Interface (GUI).


Prometeo is a luxurious gas hub with a brand new language of interaction design. The users can decide not only the level of the fire but also the diameter for every burner in an intuitive way.


Magellan is a smart backpack using tactile feedback from the shoulder strap, which will guide you toward your destination.

Capsule Gym

A movable gym that can be set up in any place, providing flexible fitness plans for everyone. Advanced social features reduce the sense of solitude.

Responsibility Container

To let bystanders watch and even touch their responsibilities, then make them understand their responsibility will never go unnoticed.


Here is a collection of my sketches from 2010 to 2019. I like to sketch portraits and capture people’s emotion. In the process of creation, I like to incorporate my subjective feelings into the work. Maybe my expression of the character’s emotions is not accurate, but this uncertainty has brought me a lot of surprises, and I like it very much.
Please enjoy!