Capsule Gym

A movable gym that can be set up in any place, providing flexible fitness plans for everyone. Advanced social features reduce the sense of solitude.

Date: 2017年10月12日
KEYWORDS: UX, Service Design, Mobile App

My Contribution

This is an independent work from my bachelor’s time, my works include research to define the experience map, system map, and later UI design.


Over 200 million people here in China were single by the end of 2015, bringing about the fourth wave of singledom in the country, China Central Television reported.

Meanwhile, the report said more and more people, especially women, are choosing to lead a single lifestyle. As social economy develops a society’s standard of living also improves; the Philosophy of Young People in China has changed. The younger generation no longer thinks that marriage is a top priority, They pay more attention to chasing their dreams and enjoying a young free and single life. Meanwhile, In big cities like Beijing and Shanghai, they’re working under high-pressure and don’t have time to develop their hobbies or social circle.

Case Study

Will’s Gym

Established in 1996, Will’s Gym operates around 30 clubs around China, including 22 of them in Shanghai. With its well-equipped facilities and people-friendly design, it has more than 220,000 members.
Will’s Gym offers popular, comprehensive and fun group classes for many activities, such as yoga, dance, aerobics, cycling, strength, and others.
The annual cost of fitness in will’s gym is very expensive, and it takes a long time to join the membership. Some personal trainers are not professional and have no channels to complain them, some of them always sale their course and disturbing the customers who are in fitness. The group classes can’t book online, must booking manually in the gym.


Flexible Payment, Social connected

A brand new online-to-online gym with social elements and decompressing function. The unattended offline facilities set up in some small spaces like a convenience store. Users can rent facilities or booking classes through the online App.


Online Service

Fill in

Users fill in their necessary information and vital signs, including the following objective for a person: name, gender, date of birth, weight, height.

Clear message & Recommendation

Show the nearest Capsule Gym to users, and display the important information like distance, number of the users in using and the gym status. Recommend courses based on users vital signs.

Convenient course reservation

Course schedule list clearly, users can directly book online without any delay. The coach rates are displayed in the upper-right corner.

Social elements

Focused on using the social elements to make them feel the sense of accomplishment and feel not alone, delivering broader packages of value to consumers.


Offline Facility


1.Scan to start 2.Entertainment function like watch TV show while in fitness and racing game, etc. Ps: In the game, users are cycling at the same speed as the reality. They can start a competition with other users. After the match, the mileage will be record and help users to improve their rankings.